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I began designing needlepoint in 1989, after working for several years in a needlepoint shop in Austin, Texas. After designing custom canvases for the store’s customers, I was asked to develop a line to show at the store’s annual Christmas-In-July event. I did - the designs were a hit - and the line was born.

The name of the company reflects my love of art and design and the original goal for the use of the money I was going to make painting those first needlepoint designs: to purchase my first horse - a dream since childhood. Painted Pony Designs grew quickly; so quickly, in fact, that it wasn’t until Christmas of 2000 that I had time to fulfill my childhood dream - in the guise of a Christmas gift to my daughter, Christina - when Santa gave Christina a horse on Christmas morning. His name is Dandy and he is the inspiration behind our many new pieces we introduce each year.

Over the years, the staff of Painted Pony Designs has included many copy-painters and support staff. Of particular note is the addition of Susan Burris. Susan, a gifted teacher and needlepoint artesian, is responsible for the creation of the beautiful models that are featured on this web-site. Besides stitching models, Susan also writes the stitch guides that are available with many of the canvases in the line.

In 2003, Susan also took over the responsibility of organizing and shipping all the Painted Pony Trunk Show events. With our trunk shows to keep track of, models to stitch, stitch guides to write, teaching engagements to travel to, and monitoring my artistic flightiness, Susan is a busy lady! Susan, the mother of two grown children, lives in Austin, Texas, where she teaches regularly for a local shop.

As the company has grown, my husband, John, has come on board as the financial manager for Painted Pony Designs. John makes sure that the bills are paid, is responsible for invoicing and keeps the company’s financial books in order (much better than I ever did!). In his real life, John serves as a Presbyterian minister.

Today, you can find Painted Pony Designs at most major needlepoint stores across the USA. To find a store in your area, click the RETAILERS Links button. For a list of the locations for up-coming Painted Pony Designs trunk shows, click the TRUNK SHOWS button. To see our finished models gallery and to see what canvases are available with stitch guides, click the STITCH GUIDES button.

Happy Stitching!