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ME-AN01 Black & White Dog

ME-AN02 Black Eyed Dog

ME-AN03 Butterfly Scottie

ME-AN04 Cat Nap

ME-AN05 Cutie Bunny

ME-AN06 Scottie in Sweater

ME-AN07 Little Lamb

      ME-AN08 Scottie with Rose
ME-AN09  Chick w/hat

ME-BF01 Watching Together

ME-BF03  The More the Merrier 9x9
  ME-BF02 Love and Let Love         

ME-BH01 Intertube Girls

ME-BH02 This is the Life

ME-BH03 Magical Summer

ME-BH04 Eye To Eye

 ME-BH05 Heart Mermaid

ME-BH06  Keep Swimming Mermaid 8X10
ME-BH07  Beach Lobster 6x6    

ME-BN01 All Things Beautiful

ME-BN02 Thanksgiving

ME-BN03 Love Home Family

ME-BN04 Christmas Banner

  ME-BN07 Patriotic Picnic Banner  ME-BN08I Believe  
ME-BN17  Journey of 1000 Miles 10X12    

ME-CH01 Peace (Lion & Lamb)

ME-CH02A Nature Is Genius

ME-CH03A Magical Yule

ME-CH04 Chilly Christmas

ME-CH05 Holiday Scottie

ME-CH06 Christmas Branches

ME-CH07 Xmas Candy Frame

ME-CH08 Joy Teapot Snowglobe

ME-CH09 Peace Snow Globe

ME-CH10A Toyland Engine

ME-CH10B Toyland Passenger

ME-CH10C Toyland Open Box
ME-CH11 Elf Teapot Snowglobe    
ME-CH12 Midnight Clear w/ Background  ME-CH12A Midnight Clear ME-CH13 Midnight Clear 
ME-CH14 Christmas Circus   



ME-C001  Star Bell  3X5


ME-CO02  Candy Cane Bell  3X5

ME-CO03  Rose Bell  3X5 

ME-C005 Classic Red Dot 2.75X6

  ME-C006 Home Sweet Home 3X4.75
ME-EA01 Chick Egg 4x6   ME-EA02 Duck Egg 4x6   ME-EA03 Bunny Egg 4x6

ME-FL01 Little Flower Pot

ME-FL02 Floral Sunshine 6.75x8

ME-FL03 Pink Tulips 

 ME-FL04 Hot Pink Bloom ME-FL05  Pink & Orange Tulip  ME-FL06 Orange Sunflower  
 ME-FL07 Blue Daisy    
ME-FN01 Pink Chair     

ME-FN02 Bed with Quilt

ME-FN03 Care Chair

ME-GD01 Bee Hive & Bench Check

ME-GD02 Straw Hat Check

ME-GD03 Pink Rose Check

ME-GD04 Watering Can Check

ME-GD05 Rose Watering Can

ME-HO01 Cupid ME-HO02 Haunted House 12x12  ME-HO03 Happy Halloween 8x12
ME-HO04 Flag Day Scottie 5x5.5  ME-HO05 Americute! 5.5x7.5 ME-HO06 16x6 
ME-HT01 Purrfection  ME-HT02 Lucky Ducky  ME-HT03 Toad You

ME-MS01 Large Cherry

ME-MS02 Cherry Bands

ME-MS03 Harlequin w Bell
ME-MW01 Anna Estelle Sewing 4x6 ME-MW02 Queen Everything 5.5x8   
ME-MW03 Comfy Stitching 455x4.5    

 ME-OL01 Campmobile     

ME-PL01 Round the Garden

ME-PL02 Dive Flowers

ME-PL04 Four Houses    

ME-SN01 Believe Santa with bg

ME-SN01A Believe Santa

ME-SN02 Olde World

ME-SN02A Olde World Check Santa

ME-SN03 Wizard Santa with bg

ME-SN03A Wizard Santa

ME-SN04 Santa Hug w/Bg

ME-SN04A Santa Hug

ME-SN05A Polar Santa
ME-SN05 Polar Santa w/Bg
ME-SN06A Santa Marches On  ME-SN07A Forest Santa 6.5x6
ME-SN07 Forest Santa w/Bg 6.5x6     

ME-SQ01 Turkey

ME-SQ02 Thanksgiving Cottage

ME-SQ03 Family

ME-SQ04 Cherry Teacup

ME-SQ05 Scottie with Ball

ME-SQ06 Love

ME-SQ07 Snowman

ME-SQ08 Gingerbread

ME-SQ09 Home

ME-SW01A Happy Winter

ME-SW02 Clown Snowman

ME-SW03 Let It Snowman #1

ME-SW04 Let It Snowman #2

ME-SW05 Let It Snowman #3

ME-SW06 Let It Snowman #4

ME-SW07 Let It Snowman #5

ME-SW08 Let It Snowman #6
ME-TT01 Mary's Flowers 4x5.7  ME-TT02 Black & Blue 3.5x4.75  ME-TT03 Yellow Flowers 3.75x5
ME-VL01 Tan House ME-VL02 Pink House  ME-VL03 Gold House
 ME-VL04 Beige House    


ME-WT01 Fitting Hat  6X11 


ME-WT02 Teeny Witch  6X10 


ME-WT03Happy Halloween 4.25X7 















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